Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

I think the tags on the weapons/skills tells the story fairly clearly of what passives are applicable. For example the Warp Rods tags are Ranged / One Handed / Exotic. The skill on the rod Warp Blast has Warp / Long Range / AoE/ and Shock while Witchfire has tags for Long Range / Fire / AoE / Knockback / Knockdown.

Does that then mean that any skill associated with that rod (i.e. warp blast and witchfire) qualify as ranged damage?

I recall it ran well on my Xbox One X. Not sure how it will run on base Xbox One.

Though I only put a couple of hours into it. Going to start over on XSS soon.

That is my assumption but I haven’t dug into the math.

OK this is several dollars cheaper in the PS5 sale at 80% off instead of 75% in Steam so bought the console version. Will see how it goes.

Please let me know how you think the console version plays. I just picked up a PS5 and am looking for games to play on it.

It’s fine on the series x, it runs a bit sluggish on the less powerful systems for me.

I just wanna say I love your handle and your avatar.

Lotsof good stuff incoming:

Is there a QT3 cabal? Loving this right now, and my level 38 crusader wants to be earning cabal experience for the emporer.

I run the Gamers with Jobs (GWJ) cabal. I think we have room for more folks.

There was one but I don’t think many if any people in it are very active any longer.

With meeeee!

Hey you found it, and I accepted your application. Welcome!

Friends, even with the ongoing season, there’s a new event called the Tainted VoidZone for your grinding needs. ;)

And the game is once again on sale for $19.99 for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Definitely worth it at that price. So much to do! :)


I’ll hold off until the new class arrives though!

Note that if you already own the base game, it is cheaper to buy the expansion and DLC piecemeal. I just grabbed Prophecy and the 2 DLC with repeatable missions.

edit: this is in the steam deal Brian linked above.

I’m guessing the Tainted Voidzone is a few patches away for the console version of the game?

“Tainted Voidszone” sounds so much like something @John_Many_Jars would write about…

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