Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

on the note of gamepads, I wish more games would look at how Cuisine Royale and Enlisted used them. Looked overly complex at first but ended up being super smooth. Every button could be assigned as a press, quick press, hold, double press, triple press. And they could all be assigned to different functions and it worked very smoothly and super rare misclicks.

Got a crusader and assassin to the lower seventies so far this season. As much as I tried out different weapons and psalms I keep going back to the flamer crusader and cathean sword assassin. The crusader is sturdier and just has boring +heat psalms while the assassin is lighting quick with +shock phrases. Just finished the grandmaster tier and eyeing the requirements for the heroic tier… Not sure I have it in me but we’ll see so long as I’m still having fun.

Damn well done.

I get a bit frustrated with my melee assassin just because there are so many more damage perks I can take for heat than any other damage. I prefer the playstyle of the poison sword, but there are two super easy perks to equip that massively boost heat damage. Just wish the other elements had similar stuff.

Heat is very easy to boost but focusing on shock also works out very well at least at the level I am playing at. I don’t know about 110 yet. The key phrases are:

  1. Killing a Shocked enemy creates an explosion causing Shock and dealing damage equal to Damage from the killing blow
  2. +200% Damage against Shocked, Slowed or Stunned enemies
  3. Causing Shock on an enemy creates an explosion dealing halved Damage and Shock to nearby enemies

Combined with AOE boosting skills/items and having a shock aura… it is insane AOE damage. It is less good when there is a single boss type with no minions around but it manages.

Whelp… just completed the Heroic tier this season with my assassin. The current bonus of intel missions offering +100% xp helped me grind out the last few levels where it was like 1 mil xp to level up and with every bonus I could cram into it I would get between 40 - 60k xp a mission. The 110+ missions weren’t that big of a deal and I think my build is okayish with the gear that I have. There is plenty of room for improvement but I think I will switch focus to the crusader now. I ended up building the assassin with heat damage in mind. The twin arc blades are heat based weapon and I liked the leap movement skill. I exploited berserk to the best of my ability and the perk “Regenerative Booster Glands” that gives melee attacks 50% of HP regeneration value. Stacking bonuses to regen via berserk tokens helped me stay alive when I take spike damage and provide something like 3000% bonus damage. I utilized the fire aura psalm doctrine to clear trash but more importantly provide debuffs since it hits 4 times a second. A crit would leave a vulnerability and a vulnerability would leave a burn and so on. Now to see what I can do with a shotgun crusader but I would be surprised if it didn’t involve berserk or enrage abuse.

Ohhhhh congrats! Well done!

So someone on another forum was raving about an aether blade-focused Psyker. So I got to level 21 as a Psyker to try it out. Got a nice aether blade and jumped all over the place with malestrom. While it was fun, it just, to me, doesn’t have that fast, salsa-making… visceralness that the shotgun gives me. I just love the splooshiness that the shotgun makes of enemies. It’s just so delightful.

I don’t care for the warp heat management aspect of the psyker but I understand end game it’s a bonus vs a burden. Crusaders can bounce all over with their armor skills and multiple melee assassin weapons have good movement skills.

Psykers seem to be very dependent on very specific builds, with exact gear and skill choices mapped out with little variation allowed. My attempts at least have given me that impression. It is very easy to create a Psyker that is terrible, and very hard to create one that is anything close to optimized. Assassins and Crusaders though, there’s a lot more leeway it seems.

Yeah I think this is why Psyker is my least-played class.

only class I’ve barely dabbled in. Especially early on it’s very easy to pilot it poorly.

How about the Tech Adept? I have tried the summoner class but it just doesn’t seem to scale well. I must be doing something wrong.

I enjoyed my time with the Tech Adept, as it’s fun to see your little friends kill kill kill.

Like most pet classes, how much fun you’ll have with the Tech Adept is based on your tolerance for less active play styles. Your ability cycles are more about refreshing your pets and buffs than directly whacking on things, though you can certain build it to do that too.

I love pet classes but I have trouble doing more than +2 or +3 on my pet class. The shotgun assassin has a good diversion but similarly had a problem with scaling after a while. I do need the right prayers to really make it rock.

my tech adept was by far my most op class. both a swarm/blow up my pet build and a big ass robit tank blazed through higher content. the swarm one at least had me pushing a lot of buttons, the tank one was kinda boring.

So the game is down for a few days, because they’re switching their backend to AWS, and it is SO WEIRD because Inquisitor has really become my go-to game.

“I wanna kill something for 20 minutes.” Inquisitor.
“I wanna feel better about the world I live in.” Inquisitor.
“I wanna see lots of salsa on the floor.” Inquisitor.

I so hope it comes back soon.

The servers are back up!!!

Praise the Omnissiah!