What do we know about the new NVidia Ampere?

Cause I know nothing so far except this is the card that is maybe replacing the GTX 2080?

Jeff, I know brand loyalty in the computer chip space can be intense, but it hardly constitutes religion.

HAHAhahahaa. Oh man. OK, moving this to tech where I thought I was.
It took me 3 reads to figure out what was going on with your response :)

As I’ll be waiting on my new system build until AMD’s Zen 3/Vermeer CPUs release, I’m curious to see how their Navi 2/RDNA 2 GPUs (allegedly with 16 and 12 GB VRAM options at the high end) stack up when they supposedly release in November. Of course, there’s always the question of drivers which AMD seems to frequently muddle up at release.

So AMD’s new card is coming out soon too? Nice.

Yep; October or November, depending on which rumor! It’s a great time to be twiddling my thumbs while waiting for the other shoe to drop, lol.

Oh great geforce in my box, hallowed be thy name
Drive us our daily pixels and render upon us
Sky and land in virtuality blessed
Today and tomorrow and unto heaven

I didn’t realize we had a dedicated Ampere thread.

Well if anyone has been following the news / reddit / other forums, this week’s info leaks have sorta been like this:

  • Price panic
  • 850watt PSU panic
  • Card length panic
  • VRAM panic
  • Staggered release panic
  • Shortage of cards at release panic

VRAM panic? What’s that mean?

8GB/10GB of memory on their cards is not enough. ;)

I think many were expecting the 3080 to have either 12GB or 16GB.

Catch all Next-Gen GPU thread.

EVGA info is up, 11 cards in total(3070/3080/3090) no prices.

I gotta say, those are some sexy looking cards

What I find interesting about the EVGA cards is for this new generation, they are all stock 3 fan cards, unless you pick a hybrid or watercooled version.

This generation runs hot due to the power demands.

UK retailer has some 3rd party pricing:


3080 FE is £650 for comparison/

Most of those look quite reasonable, but a couple are £150 more for what I presume is a simple overclock and maybe some RGB.

Man, the UK gets screwed. Many of those cost the same number in pounds as in dollars. Could be worse I guess, Australia always gets boned.

Pretty soon we’ll be buying a video card in a big box, and adding the peripherals (CPU, memory, storage) to it.