What induces nerd rage in you?



En dashes are also used to connect a prefix to a proper open compound: for example, pre–World War II.


That’s a dumb rule and I reject it. Neener — neener.


LOL - I bow to your impressive argument, and henceforth defer to the Zylon Manual of Style


To be fair, Chicago sucks. AP 4 life.


Fuck AP. And that’s coming from the ex Journalism major…



Chicago vs AP is an audience issue. Noobs.



The best style guide is the Armando Penblade style guide.



You take weird selfies, bro.


Fucking Twitter and their shitty decision to in-line likes from your follows has now spoiled The Last Jedi for me.




I just ran into this on GOG, and just closed the window. I hardly ever passed that captcha, and any company imposing it is waving a big “WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING AND BTW WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU AND BTW BTW FUCK YOU, DUMBASS” sign.
Fuck you too, GOG, anyway. Never got the good will that lame Valve wannabe earns. Same school of thoughts of those who were advocating “Lunix over Winblows”, I bet.

Triple pointless rage! Now I can get my coffee.


Amen to this. Captcha’s are some top tier useless shit. I get angry each and every time
“click on the cars”
me > “all done! lets go!”
“click on the shops”


They are a lot less infuriating if you can convince yourself that you are being given the second round because you were so fast and accurate that it still thinks you are a bot.


Those are supposed to last two rounds? Because I was well into my fifth when I figured I should close my GOG account.


I did, I kid you not, 15 once. Stupid cars and street signs.

I think after 5 I was just clicking at random furiously so the capcha was punishing me. I think that’s a flawed design. I heard many years ago, you could yell out “fuck” in the Aetna interactive voice response system and it would transfer you to an operator as it detected frustration. I doubt it works these days but I have not tried.

(oh I remember now, I was on a VPN at the time so maybe that IP had been flagged as suspicious before by whatever system they use). Google will capcha me as well sometimes on the VPN.


The company I work for has AdWords as a large part of our business, so our public IP is hitting Google like a Yankee in Minneapolis.

Luckily I’ve only ever gotten the “click the checkbox to prove your non-robot-ness” version lately, but I do get it regularly.


Well, chrono.gg is using this piece of crap as well now for its monthly login check. Of course, I failed a few times, and then this came up:


Thank you Google, now I know I am really an automated copy of some lifeform.