What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


Don’t forget “Why don’t the police use whips?” and “You guys also sit on your nuts, right?”


Whip one is funny. Couldn’t find the nuts one.

Still, comparing his fingers to yams after chewing on them just hit me unexpectedly. I died.


Oh, and “Will bullets still shoot straight if you saw a gun barrel in half the long way?”

Maybe the sit on your nuts on was MachFive or someone like that. It’s been too long.


And “Are roaches really that bad?”


Man, hadn’t thought about MachFive in a long time. He was going to legally change his name to MachFive.


Would have been a cool name. :)


Those were the years of abundant juicy bubblegum flavor on Qt3. But the bubble burst and the liquid center drained away long ago, leaving only flavorless overchewed chicle, some cavities, and some Cavity Creeps.


Those were the days my friend
We thought they’d never end…


There is a Bill D thread that starts with a poll on which of Teddy’s threads is the craziest. OTOH I believe that Tom wasn’t too happy with it so I won’t post it here.


Now BillD was a Cavity Creep. A BODY CAVITY Creep, know what I’m sayin’?


Bill D was a GOD!


I see he never sent you unsolicited nudes.


Or, maybe he did.


No no, seriously. Bill was a hermaphrodite. He had ambiguous genitalia.


It’s hard to draw a line between a small penis and a large clitoris.


Yes. But it’s also hard to draw a line between low-hanging beef curtains and a capacious but mostly empty scrotal sac.

I guess after all this time I can talk about it. On IRC Bill was always sending me private messages about “smooth Asians” and he asked me again and again if I was a “smooth Asian.” I soon learned that regardless of how I answered he would transmit a hi-res .tiff of his ambiguous genitalia. I’m not smooth or Asian, but he really wanted me to be. That was the subtext to that whole “Kitsune was JMJ” thing.

And I think it’s also why someone who outwardly seemed agile mentally fled here for BrokenForum, which as you know is mostly a safe space for fetishists of various types to be themselves. I have no problem with that, but by insisting that I was a “smooth Asian” I feel Bill assaulted me. Is that unreasonable?

Apology Judgement Thread of Humiliation


I’m trying now to envision a non-smooth Asian.



Do or do not. There is no try.