What will happen if I drill small holes in a flatscreen monitor?


Knock it the fuck off. It’s over!



The recent thread about a monitor flicking on and off made me remember this thread, which makes me laugh until I cry every time I read it. Looks like it hasn’t been bumped in a few years, so there you go.


What in the hell did I just read…


Did we ever find out why Theo wanted to drill holes into a flat panel in the first place?


To make it go faster, obviously.


Makes sense. How much of a speed increase do you think he got?


A quick Youtube search only brought up a few of these, but here’s one.
The guy is obviously not using a diamond carbide bit, as it takes him a full minute to drill the damn hole.
WARNING! This video, while short, was nowhere near as entertaining as I’d hoped.


It reduces the wind resistance.


I think this thread deserves to be bumped at least once in 2015.


Wow, some of the names early in the thread… Nostalgia.


I wish there was a ‘Hall of Fame’ for posts. If so, this deserves to be the initial inductee.


At the time I thought he might be trying to install a webcam at the center of the monitor. That would be very cool. During video calls I either look at the camera which is installed at the top of the screen, and can’t see the person I’m talking to, or I look at the screen and then it seems to the other person like I’m looking away from them. I’m surprised and very disappointed that no one invented something like that yet.


You don’t need to drill holes for that. Try superglue instead. (Patent pending)


I recall being afraid to post in this thread when I noticed it. I was too bewildered and confused, but I did bookmark it for lols.


also add the epic Washington post buys slate.


Really? That would work how exactly?


Test it the same way as suggested for the original post of drilling - superglue it to your own head first.


I think it would be awesome if someone figured out a way to embed the webcam behind the center of a screen, so that when you have the video conference going, you could look right at the camera. I find it extremely annoying that people always seem to be looking away from the camera during video conferences, but of course that’s just because they’re looking at the picture of the person they’re talking to.

It would seem to be a not huge problem – I know nothing about screen technologies, but given the sensors that are embedded in screens already, it would seem like something that could be done.