When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Same here, along with a mobile 2080 Max Q. The latter is mostly because of the emergence of thin & light 17" models this generation. The Asus is superb in most respects.


Dunno if anyone is interested, but the Verge posted a link for Zotac’s 2080 at $659

You might need to turn off adblock to see the discounted price.


Anecdotally that seems true - the 2060 I ordered from Amazon on Feb 25 went from “in stock” to backordered and isn’t due to arrive until March 11.

I think a lot of folks were in the same boat as me waiting for the 1660 release before making a decision. There are a lot of 970 owners out there looking for an upgrade.


That was the case for me. I normally wouldn’t spend more than $250~ for a video card, but I sold my 970 for $125 which puts the final cost to me around what I spent on the 970 when it was new. I kinda wish I had sold my Battlefield V key as well instead of trying it because it’s not really something I’m interested in. Oh well.

Performance wise, I do wish it were a little more capable on the 4k front, but other than that I’m pleased. I was actually surprised that I was able to play Forza Horizon 4 in 4k with perfectly acceptable framerates, which looks glorious. Older games work fine as well, and everything else runs great in 1440p.


I just picked up a GTX 1060 GB card from the EVGA B-Stock store for $159.99. Bought a 750Ti card from there a few years ago as well.


It’s been 6 or more years since I last built a pc. Seems like choosing a GPU got even more confusing.

What can i get at around £400 to comfortably run a Rift?


Probably a GTX 2060 would work and fit to your budget.


Do you mean RTX or is this another flavour of this line?


Yeah it’s the RTX.


Apparently the 1660 released today for $220



Major course-correction for Nvidia. Only question is whether they’ll go up the line, offering Turing cards at the 2070, 2080, and 2080ti performance levels at sexy-ass prices with the RTX cores chopped out.


Is there any technology reason not to do that? Seems very much at odds with the strategy so far.


Don’t think they will. These two cards are made for the more price sensitive consumer who simply wouldn’t go above $200-300 range no matter the fancy features listed. Don’t see them doing any 1770/1880 series cards that start to more directly compete with the 20XX ones.


Do we know if those are selling? RTX and DLSS seem to have been fairly damp squibs so far.


The 2070 and higher cards reportedly are not selling well. But rather than ripping out the RTX cores to cut costs, Nvidia could just slice their margins. That seems like a more likely bet, rather than giving up on ray-tracing entirely.


Not a terrible outcome either :) They already added Metro to their bundle, which is worth a bit.


Yes, that’s a way to offer a better value without actually dropping prices. But I don’t think that’ll play in Peoria. They need to drop their prices.


Apparently CryTek released a video showing them doing nice looking Ray Tracing with some new APIs in CryEngine on a Vega 56


On one hand maybe that means increasing use of a cool new technology. On the other does Cryengine need a reason to run even slower :)


The problem for NVIDIA is the companies aren’t going to go to the bleeding edge if their customers aren’t willing to pay for it. It’s kinda been proven that games that run on potatoes can do very, very well and that graphic tech isn’t that big a seller.