When do the next generation GPUs drop?




The NV 1050-series was announced today. Available Oct 25.

GTX 1050 = ~GTX960 performance. 2GB RAM. This will play 1080p games pretty well. $109.

GTX 1050ti = ~10-20% above GTX960 performance. 4GB RAM. This is the cheap 1080p card you want. $139.

Oh, and both cards are only 75w TDP. You don’t need an external power plug to use them.

Imagine a laptop with a GTX1050ti, playing 1080p games at 60fps better than either current-gen console in only 75 watts. Imagine a slim TB3 dock with a bunch of ports and a 1050ti built-in for $300. They’re comin’.


That gtx1050ti is most impressive for the price.

My G1 gtx1080 arrived today, so I dug my old boxes out of the basement as I am gonna sell my gtx970 and gtx670 backup cards. I am a Gigabyte man as you can see. :p

What was interesting is both ends of the gtx1080 box were not sealed, they usually put them circle shaped clear stickers to show the box was never opened. I checked a unboxing video on youtube to make sure I didn’t get a refurb, lol.

Much Battlefield 1 will be played at 4k tonight.


Well, this is depressing. If I fuck with the fan speeds, I can sort of make it go away. For a little while.


My advice is to never, ever do business of any kind with ZOTAC. Fly-by-night bullshit operation. Fuck them.


Feathering on a brand new card? Oh hell no. Send that back NOW. Even if you get it to stop, maybe it starts again in a week/month/year.


Yeah, that sucks.

Ever since my god awful shit experience with the worst tech company ever, Powercolor, I have been super leery of buying from the cheaper brands of video card.

I hope you can get a replacement that works.


Yeah. Today marks the 31st day since it shipped, so it looks like I’m SOL for returning it to Amazon. I will need to RMA it to Zotac. Who knows how long that will take? And since it’s an intermittent problem, the repair tech is likely to run the card for all of two minutes, decide it’s fine and ship it back. Just like MS did with my original Xbox 360.

The Founder’s Edition cards had a fan problem that was fixed with a bios update embedded in a driver update. I’m hoping that that’s the issue (and solution) here. But, probably not. I’m also hoping for a 3rd-party fan replacement solution, but that’s not looking good either.

Some dude in this thread managed to zip-tie some ugly-ass fans to his 1080, but, hey, beats going back to the GTX 970 (and 1080p) for a month.


I would go ahead and contact Amazon anyway. Every time I’ve had reason to do so, I’ve found their customer service very accommodating for stuff like that.


Agreed. Do anything possible to get something out of Amazon rather than ZOTAC. I actually just returned three things that were slightly out of the 30 days and they didn’t bat an eyelash.

ZOTAC RMA process was a disaster for me, culminating in them lying about what they told me in email when I called them out publicly on Twitter.

Fuck that company.


Just buy another one from Amazon and then return the old one saying the fan is defective.


I like this idea. The SN is not on the invoice. Best of all, I won’t have to break out the GTX 970.


Yep, it’s clearly the way to go.


THIS , my one friend has had 3 different ZOTAC cards die on him over the last 2 years. And their RMA process was not easy or friendly.

EVGA / ASUS / MSI / GIGABYTE are the go to’s imho.


You are an evil man. I like you.


Interesting article on CPU cores vs the latest games. Main conclusion, no surprise, is that in games designed to tease out a difference, the difference is small. I also like how in this article they had to disable hyperthreading in an i3 to make it seem like the lower i7 is actually faster in a practical setting. They do fess up in the conclusions though and say the results are more reflective of a 2-thread pentium.


I would try to do a 31st day return through Amazon customer service first, rather than buying another one and sending back the first one, because that gives you the opportunity to buy an EVGA, Asus, etc. this time around…

If they approve the return and you order a new card from EVGA etc. Prime 2-day, you can just wait a few days to actually send back the flaky card. Once the Amazon RMA is issued you have a couple of weeks before it actually has to reach them.


Well I took a mild plunge. I ordered for the XFX RX 480 8GB for $205 after $10 rebate.

I don’t know if I will build my new system in 6 months or 18 months, but i figure this card should push me through for a bit and give me more time to build when I want to assuming everything else holds up of course. With the new build, I’ll probably pick up the 1070.


That 480 will basically last you forever with a 1080p screen. Fine choice and great deal.


So, is it worth upgrading from a 4GB 970, to a 1060 or 1070? With my older i5 3570k CPU, I’m thinking it makes little sense to upgrade the video until I build a more modern machine.