When do the next generation GPUs drop?


That would be a great price if the R9 Fury was comparable to a GTX980ti-- but it isn’t, not even close. You’re thinking of the R9 Fury X. The R9 Fury is a smidge faster than a GTX980. No ti.

It’s comparable to the RX-480 and GTX1060ti, but gigantic, uses a ton more power, louder, and hotter. I would consider $180 a decent deal.


These benchmarks have it closer to the Ti than the vanilla, particularly at greater than 1080p resolutions


The factory overclocked Fury with aftermarket cooling can approach a reference Fury X, sure. But you wouldn’t buy a reference card, right?


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AMD has a big event this week, namely for Zen. But there will probably be the RX 490. And AMD has got a MAJOR driver update coming.

Features include ReLive (recording utility comparable to Nvidia Shadowplay)


FreeSync supported in borderless windows


What is HBR3?



So I threw my recently purchased 1070 into my razer core and got it all working with my xps15. Everything so far is great (better than expected compatibility wise) I’m getting 60 fps on titanfall single player but there is a specific map on multiplayer where it sometimes drops to the 40s. I assumed this card could handle anything 1080p titanfall could throw at it. Surprised to see such a drop even with the 5-10% performance drop the egpu is said to have.


Can’t speak for Titanfall specifically, Matt, but some games just have wretched optimization (or lack thereof) for certain things. My computer could run The Division with glass-smooth framerates, but the second I tried to zoom in with a scope in an area that had fog? Slideshow. I’m talking like going from 90+ FPS to 7FPS.

That’s just my long way of saying that the card’s horsepower might not be the issue, it’s probably something done poorly in the map.


Radeon ReLive is now live


Just popped over to Newegg.com today to compare prices on 1060 6GB cards…and was shocked to discover prices seem to have gone UP over the past few months. WTF? Disregarding the garbage from Zotac, the lowest price reliable brand (PNY and EVGA) cards are $250, with the majority of 6GB 1060 cards residing in the $270+ range. MSI in particular must have discontinued their line of 1060’s or something, because Newegg only has third party sellers pushing MSI cards at ridiculous $450+ price points.

90 days ago there were reliable 1060 6GB cards selling for $230 or so after reabtes, including a couple of the MSI cards. I’d hoped to see that drop to just over $200 by January, but I guess not. What did I miss? Are the 1050ti cards keeping the prices on the 1060’s artificially inflated? Is there a supply issue? Why does there not seem to be a good 4GB+ card right around $200? It’s all either 4GB 1050Ti’s for $160 or 6GB 1060’s for $250+.


The good 4GB card around $200 is the RX480.

No clue why 1060 prices are creeping up. Demand, I guess. It’s what I would buy myself at that price window.


This is a correct move.



Totally anecdotal, but I’ve had two video cards from Zotac, and they’ve performed without issue. Our older PC still has a GTX 660 working just fine. However, they are just basic cards, not any the Amped series nor are they overclocked on my end.


glad I picked mine up a few months ago.


Funny take, AMD gpus age like a fine wine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGXVMJztK4w&feature=youtu.be

Alternative take: AMD has terrible drivers out of the box, but years later they catch up and so the same card does much better versus the Nvidia card it was originally lined up against.


AMD has a much smaller driver team and far less money to spend on marketing deals with game developers.

EDIT. I installed my Radeon 480 and I’m pretty pleased with it. Nice bump from my 6950. Overwatch is a solid 60 now and Doom screams using Vulkan.


You made the same move I did, and I agree. My 6950 did wonders for years, but without driver support I just couldn’t keep her anymore. I will say though, after 3 days of having trouble with mouse cursor corruption and problems with the AMD driver suite I almost wanted to give it back.


Yeah, when the 6XX0 series was relegated to EOL that really hurt its viability. There are a number of games that only need DX11 level hardware, but require DX12 drivers which AMD was never providing. The last driver release also had a bug where the automatic update kept wanting to install the latest, incompatible driver packages!

I haven’t had any cursor problems. I made sure to uninstall the previous AMD drivers before swapping cards and had the newest ReLive beta downloaded and ready.


AMD unveiled the Vega architecture today. Still no word on actual boards, but whatever does come out will have some crazy bandwidth.


I also saw a new hdmi spec was announced today with up to 10kp120 and has something along the lines of freesync/g-sync. Requires a 48G cable !?!