Which iPhone X for you?


Tomorrow will be an amazing day to be a UPS package porch pirate.


Hype! Please do share your impressions here!


Don’t forget to try this:


Tried the Automatic Setup, and although it failed the first time for unknown reasons, it worked the second time around.

First impressions: It’s small, and going back to the regular sized iPhone from a Plus sized phone is a transition, even if the screen size is roughly equal. The screen itself is beautiful. FaceID is amazing, especially when Safari just autofills a username and password field based on your face. Made me smile with delight.

Most of my apps have no been updated, so I’m seeing a lot of black bars and few things are taking advantage of the bigger screen.

I’m already getting used to the missing Home button, the swipe up from the bottom gesture is simple, and my thumb is there regardless.

The stainless steel band on the side of the silver model I have is awesome. It’s a shame to have to put this beauty into a case. But I had pre-ordered the Wirecutter’s recommendation for iPhone Wallet case (the Silk Vault) in iPhone X size, and it makes me feel safer already. The glass back, although tacky and grippy compared to my slipperiffic iPhone 6+'s aluminum, just makes me so very aware of the fragility.


If you use the auto-configure stuff, you won’t get your saved passwords and such. Always best to take an encrypted backup in iTunes and restore that. It’s the one time that it makes sense to plug your phone into your computer in 2017.


This doesn’t seem to be the case. In the Apple Store, my iCloud Keychain autofilled some Safari fields on Dropbox.com for me. And when I arrived home, I was already on my house’s Wifi network. I think it’s because the Automatic Setup still restored from my encrypted iCloud backup. It just saved me the step of entering in my Apple ID.


I had to rebuild my iPad Pro a week or so ago. I restored from an iCloud backup. All my passwords came down.


There’s no such thing as an encrypted icloud backup. Of course your keychain will come along, and that is encrypted, but many apps won’t save your logins.


I think it’s more accurate to say there’s no such thing as an unencrypted iCloud backup.

iTunes doesn’t encrypt your backups by default. To encrypt a backup in iTunes for the first time, you need to turn on the password-protected Encrypt backup option. Then, iTunes automatically makes encrypted backups for that device from then on.

You can also make a backup in iCloud, which automatically encrypts your information every time.

I believe it used to be the case that the sensitive stuff like passwords and health data was never saved with iCloud backups, and only saved with iTunes backups if you manually enabled the encrypted iTunes backup option, but now I think iCloud gets everything and there’s no option either way. I may be misremembering something though.


You are, it still doesn’t do that. Or to be more precise, icloud backups are encrypted at rest with your passcode, not a specific backup password. But what’s important is they don’t contain all those app passwords that aren’t contained in your keychain, which is encrypted with your itunes pasword.


I’m not sure I was clear.

I restored from an iCloud backup. Other than punching in my iCloud and App store passwords, I never had to enter in another password. All app passwords: dropbox, OneDrive, Kindle app, etc. were restored as part of the backup. I also got all of my messages up until the backup time.


That’s not quite my experience. @stusser is right in that several apps are prompting me for passwords (e.g., the Starbucks app that seems buggy, since it won’t let me enter one). Since iOS 11 did add the ability for apps to save passwords to the keychain, several apps allowed me to tap on the little “key” icon and log into them easily. I think there’s some combination of things happening.


Ah, ok. That makes sense.


There is a line at the local UPS hub of about a dozen people. Everyone in line is using an iPhone and everyone is picking up the exact same size box. Every time I have been here the line is 1-2 people.


Yes, and sometimes your login is saved in a local cookie rather than as appdata marked sensitive. Happens a lot in web wrapper “apps”.


Well my only impressions so far is that it is beautiful and it is heavy (which is good). Verizon servers are getting hammered so I can’t get past the verify number screen.


Still waiting for UPS to show up, dammit…


Apple Store pickup experience was awesome. They’re doing something different (or just didn’t have an enormous allocation) because with the iPhone 7 Plus and this one, each time I had a pickup window appointment. But with the 7 Plus, I had to wait outside for 20-30 minutes in a huge line despite having the appointment. This time I walked right in and an Apple Store person helped me right away. Store was only slightly busier than you’d see on a typical weekend day.

Setup was super-easy with the new iOS 11 feature that lets you just point your old phone at the new one and autoconfigures iCloud for you.

Face ID works amazingly well, even when the phone is in its holder in my car. (And yay, set at its tightest adjustment my ProClip 6 Plus holder still snugly holds the X.)


Well I am stuck. Been an hour now and I can’t get through to Verizon’s servers. The Apple support page says to try doing it through iTunes, but all I get on iTunes is a white screen that says “iPhone”. To get to the part where you pick how to restore it on the phone, you have to activate it with Verizon…which I can’t do. So I am dead in the water.


I’m also stuck trying to activate with AT&T.