Which iPhone X for you?


Glad you’re considering it.

For the record though, literally nobody asked for double italics, and both @Lantz and I pointed out the well-established standard of using non-italicized text for emphasis within an italicized block – just invert the status from the surrounding text.


I remain unsatisfied with anything except triple italicization, myself.


A few people have mentioned the speaker being better. I noticed this myself tonight while playing podcasts on it. Usually I do that through my Echo, but the X’s speakers are so loud/good, that I really didn’t need to. At a volume level I could easily hear moving around the room, it sounded very good. I wouldn’t listen to music that way, but for podcasts it’s great.


There’s no getting around the laws of physics, so the speakers still sound tinny, but the volume is really a huge improvement. It’s downright loud.


The 2 XL’s speakers are louder than the 6P’s. Physics be damned they FUCKIN ROCK. It’s like 3 of the transistor radios my grandma gave me in the '70s all turned to 80%.

It is nice being able to listen to a podcast in the bathroom or kitchen without having to grab a bluetooth speaker to hear over the background noise.


I remember the original iPhone was also a bit of an answer to “what if you put speakers in an iPod” too.


IMO, there is only one justification for a flagship phone with bezels in 2018, and that’s awesome front-facing speakers.


I think omitting them on the Pixel 2 was a mistake. There is certainly room.


Pixel2 bezels are unforgivable. Iphone-level bezels just aren’t OK at flagship prices in 2018.

The pixel2 XL bezels are very slim and basically fine, IMO.


You know I had not noticed this until you mentioned it but the X speakers are surprisingly loud, even at only 3 “bars” of volume.


Oh dizamn

Apple apparently sent orders to Samsung Display, the iPhone X’s OLED display manufacturer, for 5.28-, 5.85-, and 6.46-inch OLED displays, but the one for the smallest display has been canceled, according to ET News.

The rumor suggests that Apple may be adding a larger 6.46-inch successor to the iPhone X to its lineup next year. The iPhone X, coming in November, will have a 5.8-inch OLED display.

Well you got me Apple. That was the one thing I found lacking in the X, a more proportional (less XXXTRA MEGATALL) display.

Interesting that “Full Active LED” may be the near-bezel-less choice for the 8s in 2018 as well.


Any iPhone X owners have any cool apps they’d recommend for demoing the latest and greatest features?

Focos is a pretty cool camera app that gives you a visualization of the depth data captured:

I know AR is still mostly at the gimmick stage, but as gimmicks go, anyone got any good recommendations?


Not really. There aren’t any X-specific features, really, other than the facial mapping stuff and that’s just animoji and some eyeglasses app. All the augmented reality apps are iOS11 and worked fine on my old 6S+. Measurekit is pretty neat though if you haven’t played with it yet.


Yeah I sorta forgot most of that stuff was already on other newer iPhones, since I’m coming from the iPhone 6. It’s all new to me!


I have to admit that I have some pie on my face. I thought Apple’s mojo was in an irreversible course of decline. The iPhone X is a very compelling piece of hardware and by all accounts has the “wow and delight” factors. Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market and the AirPods seem to be the best smart audio integration. The only factor that has kept me from crossing over is Google’s service/data integration, AI/machine learning vector, and the personal transition cost.


My X showed up awhile back, and the speed if nothing else is appreciated. The 6s was starting to annoy me but I could have put up with it for awhile. Glad I didn’t, the camera on the new X is pretty nice.

My favorite feature though is Face ID. It’s great having what feels like a permanently unlocked phone, just for me. It works better than the fingerprints ever did in terms of reliability, and that includes prescription and sunglasses, hats, and random things sticking out of my mouth or a hand partially obscuring my face.

I am totally fine with the possible security breach of somebody making a realistic mask and putting it over their own face. At that point it’s just easier to hold a gun to my head.


According to Apple, it’s easier to fake fingerprints than the face. The 3d “mask” measurements would need to be unbelievably precise.


The proof of concept mask took a week or two and a couple hundred dollars in materials, as well as a 3D printer which also costs a couple hundred dollars these days. Of course there’s no reason to expect that all those things wouldn’t become cheaper, but realistically you use biometric authentication so your girlfriend can’t read your tinder messages and the uber driver can’t resell your phone when you leave it in his car, not to stop a determined skilled adversary.

If you deal in high-value IP or sensitive information, if you’re a reporter protecting sources, if you live in a region where your safety is at risk, you shouldn’t use any sort of biometric authentication.

And of course, just imagine I linked that xkcd here that everybody always links too.


What would be cool if it could measure the thermal differences of the face as well. They may or may not do it already, not entirely sure of the sensor differences between what they normally use and something like FLIR. Also no idea if they are high enough resolution to be practical.

But that would make it a bitch and a half to use a mask.


You wear the mask on your face, so it would quickly approximate body temperature. If they measured temperature really precisely it wouldn’t work outside on cold days.