Which iPhone X for you?


I can imagine this phone being a new paradigm. I’ve been an iPhone user for 10 years and I’m looking forward to a change, honestly so the X is coming at the right time. Hopefully the experience is going to be a good one. I’m more curious how a Plus user see this “new” size. All the best and please do report in!


Hey did you all know that NOTHING built with Unity worked on the iphoneX until the first week of October? :)


No, but I’m not surprised. On ATP, Marco Arment was talking about how Overcast probably won’t even be updated by iPhone X launch. So Unity games are even less shocking.

My iPhone is not really for gaming, though. It’s my Siri HomeKit controller / eBook and RSS reader / podcast player / web browsing device (in that order). Most of which should be fine until apps get updated.


I didn’t understand that completely. He was saying that developers need a physical phone to make the changes, but don’t they have simulators? It wouldn’t be perfect, but shouldn’t that help with the notch and corners?


Devs have a simulator, but the simulator performance is terrible with games. Apple held dev events where a few select devs were invited to come with debugging equip and try out on actual units. That was last week. It only lasted an hour or so. If you ran into problems, the only think you could do was wait until the actual hardware was available in stores. Devs were not guaranteed launch units. They had to get up at 3am like everybody and go through the same problematic store processss. This is all to say that 99.9% of devs have never worked with the hardware. Given that the hardware and screen shape are substantial changes, there likely will be quite a few apps with problems when the phone launches.


Don’t see why. Aside from the screen and missing home button it’s the same as an iPhone 8, isn’t it?


That wasn’t our experience. We thought we were all set but the screen plus rotation cause issues we didn’t see on the simulator. The 1-2 hours were not enough to figure out the problems, so we have to get a launch day device and then put out a point release maybe a week later. My understanding is that Apple didn’t even provide an easy API for detecting the iphoneX or notched screen. We had to hunt for the various device model numbers in log data back in Sept.


I’m sure this will all be ironed out by Dec or Jan, but it was a weird and hasty launch for devs.


So it didn’t even work in compatibility mode? How bizarre.


We were told that it had to be designed specifically for the X if we wanted a chance for featuring, which is HUGE, so going into the holidays, compatibility mode was not an option.


Ahhh yes, of course. Apple only features apps that use the shiny tech of the moment. Point is, it would have worked.


No, it crashed, actually, though not in the simulator. That’s why we are stuck doing the point release. Compatibility mode was never an option, though I guess that’s what we’ll have for week 1.



Yeah, with the glass back it will definitely be going in a case.


Which iPhone X cases are you guys preordering, if any? My usual go to if The Wirecutter doesn’t have an X case recommendation yet, so flying blind.


I really like the apple leather cases. Midnight blue is gorgeous.


Yep, really happy with the Midnight Blue leather case I have on my 7, but I want to change up colors. I am not sure which one to go with though, thinking taupe or brown, but still not sure they look right. I just want something different.


I get generic transparent plastic bumper cases for $10. Have served me well over the last 2-3 years.


I just buy the insurance. I can’t do the “plastic couch cover” thing. Not with my couch and not with my phone. I break one every year or two. /shrug


This also fucks up your resale value on the old device due to scratches and wear. Not a smart choice, particularly in the Apple ecosystem where resale values are sky high.

If you plan to keep the device until you die, then go for it, I guess? I plan to ditch my phone for a new one about every 12-18 months, and resale value being kept high seriously reduces new device cost, as you can defray that cost with the sale of the old device. In a thin plastic case your device stays near mint in my experience.

Hell I got $400 back for my iPhone 7 Plus on a generic Amazon trade in, probably could have gotten $500 if I traded more aggressively!