Windows This One Goes to 11

Also, I got my system prepped to run Android apps through the Amazon App Store. But now I’m wondering if there are even any apps that I would want that I can’t get natively. Other than games, of course.

Anyone have a use case?

I can’t think of any. Maybe some mobile only personal health appliances or smart home type companion apps for which desktop OS versions wouldn’t have made sense.

Got the invite to pair my iPhone to the Phone Link app. It’s not amazingly full featured, but getting my phone’s notifications on my PC is a nice bonus. Of course I needed to turn off notification for the apps that I already have open on my PC like Outlook and Slack since I was getting doubly notified.

The new lightweight email client is actually decent

I tried the new outlook a little while back and then fairly quickly got rid of it.

  1. It wouldn’t let me open a PDF from an e-mail in Adobe. It would only open in the crappy outlook PDF browser so I would need to first download the PDF to my desktop to open in Adobe.

  2. There was some other functionality that was removed that was annoying me but I don’t recall now.

I’m constantly getting/sending PDF’s via Outlook for my job, having to download them everytime is a no go for me.

I think I tried this and there was no way to turn the reading pane off. Maybe it’s been fixed, but I quickly noped out of that.

Oh, I think that might have been my 2nd issue with it too.

The reason Microsoft stays on top is because they’re always innovating! Love the idea of a free light email client for Windows users!




This is the kind of speed and nimbleness one expects of a trillion dollar enterprise.

Great, now my lifetime WinRAR license is worthless. :(

You actually registered it? I assumed everybody used it unregistered. LGR actually had a video where he registered WinRAR just for shits & giggles.

7zip still does RAR, so you can shift to not supporting that one instead.

Good call, maybe 7-Zip will offer a courtesy discount for WinRAR premium members. I will fax them and see what they say.

Nice. :-)

I clicked on the date and time in the bottom right corner on my home computer this morning and to my horror I didn’t get the time and calendar but taskbar notifications instead. What the heck? Who the hell thought getting rid of the date and time was a good idea?

And also, how do I get the calendar and time back when I click the bottom right time and date?

I dunno, I still get the date and time along with notifications above?

Weird. I wonder how I changed it. I did do an update yesterday and had to restart. I wonder if that changed some kind of setting.

It isn’t just collapsed, is it?
You use the arrow button to open it or close it.