WTF NVidia????? Login now required in GeForce Experience


Then just don’t do it. That would be OK too. Vast majority aren’t even chuckleworthy much less actually funny.


It’s marketing, and I’d argue it’s working. At least 5 people in this thread clicked on the link and spent a few minutes having NVIDIA and GeForce blasted in their faces. That it was a joke doesn’t matter.


I was amused.


Amused is generally sub-chuckleworthy.

  1. The other person laughed so you did too, but you hate yourself for it.
  2. “I can see how other people might find that funny.”
  3. “I was amused.”
  4. One slightly forced chuckle
  5. “Hah, yeah. Heh.”
  6. Legit funny, but you ain’t laughin’ like a hyena
  7. A loud, non-forced extended guffaw. (Note: Funniness of 7 and above always involves an element of schadenfreude.)
  8. Laughin’ like a hyena
  9. You fall out of your chair (or piss yourself, or kick the wall and your foot sticks in the drywall, etc), and that makes you laugh more. (Note: Funniness of 9 and above involves misfortune to yourself or someone else in the same room.)
  10. Extreme extended laughter. Unable to speak. Tears streaming from eyes. Nipples hard as diamond. (Note: Funniness of 10 requires the element of surprise. Not just hilarious, not just misfortune, not just a clever brilliant scenario or joke, but all the above combined, in an unexpected star-crossed perfect storm of hilarity.)


Now I hate myself.


And just in case you fear that the journalists aren’t working on Saturday either, to give your lame gag some free publicity…


So I update my geforce experience software, and the newest drivers are not showing as a download option. Good Job Nvidia!

Here are the newest drivers released today for Prey.


Move away from the dark side, lordkosc. The dark side it the way to evil. Join with the light and update your drivers and settings…



If something is broke or not working, that’s the ‘Geforce Experience’ working as intended. =)
Uninstall and grab drivers the normal way through :-)


Yeah, do it yourself. They lost all my respect when they tried to get my data.


Had to succumb and install GFE to claim Ghost Recon DENUVO + Spyware (EasyAntiCheat) edition that I got for free through someone on Facebook. Luckily an hour of editing nodeJS files then blocking most of the outbound connections allowed me to grab the game without having it do all the other crap it wanted to do. Then it was time to kill it off; which seemed to have worked using Sysinternals Autoruns to easily see everywhere it infected the system.

Then it was an hour finding a way to drop EAC from being run while playing Ghost.

I love PC gaming, so much to learn.


Get the link like above but change the version numbers :)

(changed the numbers to … 382.33 )

or the latest today:

in the future … donwload the latest version :) here


Looks like they got rid of the option to login with a Google or Facebook account on the client app.


I created a petition for rendering log in optional:


This still doesn’t bother me. I used a gmail account dedicated for throwaway, one off, consumer nonsense. I like the game optimizations, and while I rarely stream, I also like the easy streaming to Youtube/Twitch options.


While I doubt it will change anything, I signed it. Why not?

Edit: Welcome to the forum, rights warrior. :)


now this is change I can believe in


Do the latest NVIDIA drivers have no way to set up multiple profiles or global hotkeys? I seem to recall this being a feature in past versions. ie I want a mult-monitor profile and a single monitor profile, or a profile that changes my main 21:9 monitor to 16:9, etc, etc.

Can’t for the life of me find it in the NV control panel anywhere.



Yeah, that looks potentially messy as heck. I’m sure Nvidia has quite the legal team, but that hasn’t always stopped companies from doing illegal things in the past.