Xcom 2


I was on campaign 5 on Veteran before I got through. 1-4 all ended in various flavours of slavery for humanity. I played iron-man ish for the first 4 attempts then when I felt I’d paid my dues did use a few saves for the final push.

I never invested in psionics - yes it was a problem, but massive firepower seemed a reasonable workaround :)


Good work, Commander. ;)


OK, I can see how that might add up :-)

I guess I could describe my mission as ironman-ish too. I did reload 2 times - once when it was late at night and I made a stupid mistake and another when one of my guys died. I did keep playing through some other deaths but for some reason that one got me mad.

I wished I had made a psionics character too to see what they are like, but I waited too long and was getting ready for the final push before I started thinking about it.


This is a new one to me. Two proximity mines on an enemy group. Turn ends and I expect a wonderful explosion. One advent moves within the blue circle and then kills one of my guys. No explosion. Doesn’t a move of any kind trigger that? I don’t mean a turn in place. I’m talking an actual move to another square. WTF?


Interesting, I was under the same impression you were that any movement into the zone would trigger it.


I’m thinking this was a one-off bug. One of my favorite moves is to pop a prox right on a reinforcement flare. The pod drops. I see the leader say DONUT! Then the move begins and BOOM, no more donut. :)


I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times. Eventually, I just abandoned the prox mine, went to my match.com profile and added the line, “must be reliable”.


Caused an elite to panic. He shot at my damn VIP! He missed, luckily. I love punching out those guys, don’t ruin my fun. Oh, and this particular VIP had my last name. In the future my family are traitors to the human race. :P


FINALLY! Won a game on Veteran. After, I think, 3 or 4 losses. I don’t care what people say, I loved the ending. Tried to screenshot the final stats. So… One more game a level higher. On to Commander. I truly love this game!


I went back to my pre-endgame save planning to build up an uber-force, given my greater understanding and newly-honed tactical mind. Had my arse handed to me on 2 successive missions and decided the Earth would be safer if I just uninstalled. To Far Cry!


In my last game I postponed doing the “story missions” for a while. As long as I had enough resources to keep the Avatar Project at a decent level, I just kept doing other things. Building up armor and weapons. I made sure that I had two psi ops that were fully leveled. BTW, the fact that I had to start with a wounded psi op was helped by the training that gave life back for every damage to an enemy. My two sharpshooters were fully handgun trained. Many times fan fire did more damage, after lightning hands, than a single sniper shot. And that allowed them to move more.

In the end I had two blaster bombs and two super shredders. It turned out that psi ops may very well be OP at least at veteran level. Plus the commander’s Avatar. Wow. My final group: two gunslinger sharpshooters, two magus psi ops, one bomber grenadier and one almost useless blade ranger. Except for having talon rounds. That helped.

Edit: Last mission? No reason to have anything but WAR armor, even if you never use the bunker ability. Which I never have.


I finally beat my first veteran game. Got one of my grenadiers in an elevated position close enough to get 100% chance to hit using Rupture on the last enemy Avatar, then when he teleported he was near enough to my sniper (who had had his main weapon emptied by a Sectoid with that one AOE attack), but moved close enough to fire his pistol at it, and thanks to Rupture’s extra damage from all future attacks, he finished the Avatar with aplomb.

After the last cinematic, I inadvertently skipped most of the four pages of final stats. Anyway to still look at those somehow?

Is it bad that I kinda want to start a new campaign now?


Ha, that’s how I feel at the end of both of my campaigns, ready to start another one and make some slightly different decisions and see where it takes me.

I’ve diverted my attention by picking up a couple Total War campaigns I’d started to give myself some breathing room before starting another one, and I’ve been debating about taking a stab at Massive Chalice on Hard/Ironman.

Congrats on completing the campaign!


Thanks. So does anyone know if it’s possible to go back and look at your stats for a particular campaign?

Another thing: in the final room I ran into a weird bug where I couldn’t launch/throw grenades even over low cover. Anyone else get that one? Luckily the blaster bomb was not affected.


So. New game. Had a VIP mission where my guys are in a fight with two pods. One of my grenades blows the side of the VIP wagon up. VIP is burning. I have the VIP do an end around to the evac point. Two turns. VIP gets to the evac point with 1 health left and is evaced. All I can think about is how horribly she was burned. Wrapped in a blanket on the ship. Surgery. I was surprised when I saw her after the mission. She looked too good. :)


The miracles of modern medkits (and the Advanced Warfare Center).


So on commander level. Certainly a bit harder. Trying to get psi as soon as possible. The Avatar project hits full. I still don’t have rebel coms. 14 days or bust. Eventually I get it at around 6 days. 5 days to connect with an area. Finally get the connection with 22 hours left. Attacking site now. Win or die. I love this game.


Oooh. I’ve never seen the Avatar project complete. Maybe I’ll go back and suffer.


The Long War mod team has released a Toolbox mod for XCOM 2.


Tweaks a bunch of stuff.


Beat it on Commander with no casualties on the final mission. It seemed easier than Veteran to me. Probably because I knew what to expect. On to Legend.