Yakuza 7 - We're turn-based RPG brawling now!

I just don’t think I can continue to power through this until it turns into the game I want to play. I think I’m near the end of act 2. Any sense for how many hours are left until I start being able to make decisions?

Do you mean Chapter 2? Or am I forgetting about act divisions? I believe Chapter 5 is when it’s more or less fully opened up. If you’re not enjoying it at that point, you’re probably not going to enjoy the rest.

I guess chapter? There’s a cop who wants me to do some things and some meeting coming up that I’m supposed to sneak into because surely the substitute father figure will welcome me back then.

How long are the next two chapters? Are we talking another hour or two, or a long time?

I think it’s probably a total of maybe seven hours from the very start? Might be less? I think Chapter 4 is actually where it starts to really open up, but there’s at least one major side activity that doesn’t unlock until Chapter 5.

I was on chapter 5 last I played and I’d just gotten access to crafting but couldn’t make anything useful. Still couldn’t switch jobs.I’d enjoyed things to that point, but really started to get bogged down in it. Things still felt quite linear at that point (at least ten hours in).


Man what a thrilling minigame. Who knew business could be so thrilling?

If you can get the reward character levelled up in her special class, they have some great AoA spells like ‘thumbtack scatter’.

And also they box people’s ears with giant crackers, like cymbals in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

That all sounds DELIGHTFUL.

One of the best AoA skills in the whole game. Love it.

Given that AOE attack, is Eri’s unique job “Office Lady” by any chance? That would be so Japanese. Or do they not use the term anymore?

The “thumbtack scatter” attack comes from the Clerk class, which is a very sensible translation of the class’s Japanese name, 事務員 (jimuin), “clerk; office worker; office staff”. The “OL” term has apparently fallen out of fashion, although I only know what I read online.

Matriarch has absolutely the best AOE. Target all, no aiming, massive damage. Didn’t particularly like the KISS metal class thought

The other great AOE comes from the business minigame, it costs 200 points to cast thought. It’s a satellite blast.

The #1 thing I learned from this game is that 95% of all insults in English can be translated to Japanese as, “Temeeeeeee!!!”

Omae! Bakatare!!!

Pretty much, yeah ;)

And “Urra urra!” with what sounds like a trilled r, whatever that means.

My weeb knowledge tells me that’s “yo yo”

Are you sure it’s not “horrrra”?

Not to my ear. Maybe we’re talking about two different utterances?

Could be! Hora means “look” or “hey” and it’s my understanding that it’s another popular tough guy utterance when slurred. Like, I saw a video of some cops pounding on a guy’s door shouting it that way once.