Bargain Thread 2013

I briefly monitored the sale yesterday, but the three sales I was interested in, I’d click the buy button and would get a “Our system cannot handle the traffic” message as a result.
Doing this kind of sales when the system cannot handle the load was not a very good idea - it’s bad enough at amazon’s lighning sales, but at least the worst that can happen there is that the quantity is all used up by the time your request is processed, whilst here I get an error message.

Timsfker’s idea is spot on - they should have just made limited time sales instead.

Jack Keane 2 was the very first game I saw on sale when I opened up the GOG site yesterday, so their sales seem to be revolving/repeating … it’s down to 11 copies now. I can’t help but wonder if the game is purchased by people that are not actually interested in playing it but instead want the sale to continue… :p


Well, a whole mess of people who wouldn’t have been talking about or writing about or thinking about or buying things from GOG today, instead were. There’s one good reason. I’m not sure why that causes you angst. Would it have been preferable if they had instead had a series of 5-minute sales?

New deal of the week for Amazon is going live any minute now. First, you can get Far Cry 3 for $14.99, or with Blood Dragon for $19.99. Strangely you can get the base game for Steam, but the bundle is Uplay only. The Pixel Junk games are also on sale, including a bundle with PJ Monsters, Shooter and Eden for $16.89. Those 3 are Steam games.

Yes. Not that I would like that, either, but at least people who happened to be lucky enough to be around for the key five minutes wouldn’t be in direct competition for the sale price.

Good news everyone!

Sometime in the wee hours Jack Keane finally sold out (or the plug was pulled by GOG). The sale continues, and right now you can get Shadow Man for only $2.39. Hurry though, as it’s flying off the digital shelves nearly as quickly as Jack Keane 2!

It’s not Shadow Man anymore, titles are flying around again. It’s Ultima Underworld while I’m typing this, but about to disappear.

Humble Bundle WB Games unlocked a bunch for the beating-the-average price:
F.E.A.R., Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, Guardians of Middle Earth + DLC, Lord of the Rings Online starter pack, Gotham City Impostors, and the Millenial Skin Pack for Batman Arkham Origins (LOL the lure to buy the new game).

Indieroyale has a new bundle out:

[ul][li]3089[]Freedom Fall[]Gravi[]Skyward Collapse[]Starpoint Gemini[]Starvoid[]Survive[/ul][/li]
I tried all the humble bundle free to plays:

Guardians of Middle Earth. I love games like this & Lord of the Rings. This was my most disappointing game since Duke Nukem Forever. I liked that a lot more. It doesn’t respect the lore at all, and provides no reason for why Bilbo and Legolas are fighting with Sauron against Gandalf, Galadriel and the Witch King (for example. you make the teams). The game itself is incredibly boring. The only good things I could say about it was it had great presentation quality and I liked the intro movie. If you want to try it I recommend using 5v5 co-op versus bots. Expect a bunch of your teammates to quit during the match, which would be disatrous versus other players, but their bot opponents disconnect as well.

Gotham City Imposters. Enjoyed this. It’s similar to Team Fortress 2, but oozing with style and batman-related goodies. Grappling hooks and gliders are some of the tools you can use while fighting against other people.

Lord of the Rings Online. Great if you enjoy either World of Warcraft-style MMOs, or the story. It’s another hotbar masherwatcher where you run to locations marked on the compass for quests. Pretty much everywhere in the first book (second with the expansions) can be visited. Unlike Guardians, it completely respects the lore and builds its own well-written story and experience around it. I recommend starting in the Shire. The bundled stuff will let you get to level 45ish (~50 hours) before you have to decide if you want to spend money on the game. The best LOTRO bargain, if you wanted to spend a lot of time with the game at once, is to buy a single month of VIP. This temporarily unlocks most quest packs, and permanently unlocks things (gold cap, riding skill, inventory slots, trait abilities and more) on every single character you play during that time. It’s also the only way to permanently unlock the swift travel ability, which I can’t imagine playing without at higher levels.

Gamersgate is having an all Assassin’s Creed weekend. I am currently 2/3 of the way through AC2. They have Revelations and Brotherhood on sale. Should I buy them? Both or just the better of the two, and which is better?

Don’t Starve is back on GOG. $5, ~150 copies left.

RE: Assassin’s Creed, I’d skip both of those and go straight to 3 or 4. If you really want them, they’re both fine games, but really more of the same from AC2. I preferred Revelations.

I loved 2 and Brotherhood but couldn’t get far in Revelations. I’d say get Brotherhood.

I liked Brotherhood and Revelations , both were better than AC3.

GOG now doing 1000 copies of Planescape:Torment for $1.99 each.

It took less than 2 minutes to get down to under 100 copies left. Love to see such an awesome game from the past selling so well.

Unfortunately, this GOG sale is having the opposite effect on me. Since I can’t keep up during most of it, I just feel vaguely bitter.

Woohoo, grabbed Rayman Origins for $5 from GOG, 200 copies sold while I was typing the credit card details.
(Oh man, backlog +1.)

Steam today: Anti-Chamber $6.79 -66% QT3 thread

Weekend 1: Payday 2 $17.99 -40%. QT3 thread
Weekend 2: Kerbal Space Program $16.19 -40%. QT3 thread
Weekend free-to-play: Skullgirls $10.04 -33%. QT3 thread

I’ll be trying out Skullgirls tonight. It’s been on my wishlist for quite some time.

Skullgirls is seriously my favorite fighter this gen with some of the recent changes. Myself and Warprattler seem to be the cheerleaders for this game on here. It’s really this unique hybrid of Marvel and Virtua Fighter to me, combined with awesome art/music.

If you want to see the game streamed by high level players, tomorrow night there should be something on around midnight or so ET. You’ll see the lead dev discussing the game and changes on there as well.

Payday 2 I’ll probably pick up if the DLC costs aren’t insane.

Assassin’s Creed: Loved it.
Assassin’s Creed 2 - didn’t enjoy it until the final few hours.
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood - restored my faith in the franchise, it’s brilliant until the last hour or so.
Assassin’s Creed Revelations - enjoying Istanbul, but not enjoying the new additions like bombs and tower defense.

I would highly recommend AC1 and Brotherhood. Both have masterful level design.

Payday 2 is down to $13.40 if you buy it as part of a 4-pack. $17.99 as a single.

I played AC1 already. While I found it fun the repetition was almost too much. I have found AC2 to be a much better game, at least until last night when I got stuck trying to do something in one of Assassin’s Tombs. :)

I have an Amazon question:

I bought Killzone a few weeks ago, and then Amazon sent me a coupon code so I could buy 1 get 1 on an additional two games. I then ordered and have received AC4 and Knack.

I want to return Knack unopened in exchange for NFS:Rivals. How do I go about doing this? From what I can tell on the Amazon site, the only option for returns is a full refund. If I send Knack back, will they give me a $60 refund? Won’t that make it so I’m essentially getting AC4 for free?

I’d say your best bet is to contact Amazon. Either through email or phone. In my experience they are really helpful in getting the problem solved to your satisfaction and they’ll let you know the best way to go about it.