DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron

The spinoffs write themselves!

I’ll send it on twitter, no one will notice. Also my SS# to speed it along.

Seriously though, how much longer are we gonna be waiting for this freaking game already?

I expect DERPSPACE devotees to be less bound by linear conceptions of spacetime.

I have a globular concept of space and time and I am happy to report that derpspace has entirely lived up to, nay surpassed!, our wildest dreams of what it can evolve into it.

No I am not making this post while a sentient video game is wrapping tentacles around my neck and balls.

When this project started, everyone knew that this was not a simple game that could be done a few small years. This is but the perfect start to a new world that will span generations.

Feel lucky that you get to experience the events leading up to the birth of a new stage of humanity.

Anyone expressing any doubts or insatisfaction will have their preorders cancelled and (half) their money refunded.

Can you refund inspiration, sir?
Can you refund a global transformation of consciousness?
Can you refund blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids?
Can you refund the agony of a tormented creative soul?

If so, great! Just don’t ask for dollars.

I am sure the money raised so far has been funneled to offshore accounts, spent on making this the best space game ever.

All space and no atmosphere? :P

Gordon promised the spaciest game ever, not the most atmospheric! Don’t give in to the feature creep!

But I thought that was one of his Kickstarter stretch goals?

You know, sometimes you gotta let the air out of these stretch goals, to keep things focused.

-2869,en-us,"barren planet"
+2869,en-us,"planet with atmosphere"

Stretch goal fulfilled!

Like letting air out of your tires for better traction?

@Gordon_Cameron any consideration of a possible engine switch?

I’d recommend the Adventure Game Toolkit. Remember to download the Turbo Pascal patch, though, because it breaks on machines with a >400Mhz CPU (like any of us have that!)

Or, maybe even the

Adventure Creation Toolkit

Something as ambitious as DERPSPACE requires the most cutting-edge of engines.


You know we never went in depth on required game specs need to run this.

Will this game require more than 640K of memory ?

Shouldn’t be a problem. After all, the universe runs without any RAM at all!

Instantaneous streaming from the cloud?

Is DERPSPACE planning on STADIA exclusivity?