Grognard Wargamer Thread!

I wouldn’t know how to deal with Dutch still on the board past the end of Turn 2, so you’re ahead of me there!

Look forward to reading.

After a 2-day delay, the Panzers have finally arrived at the front. Must have been problems with the rail gauge or something.

The Panzer rulebook might be the second-clearest ruleset I’ve ever read. Brilliantly comprehensive yet concise (so far anyway). I’ve been banging my head against a … less precise … rulebook this week for a different game, and it’s just a joy to shift to the Panzer rules.

Jenkins’ Ear alert.

It’s released. Very interesting.

Word to you all. I have been hankering to use the forum again to play a limited information game. Some ppl might remember that we played a game of Nightfighter about four years ago here and I really enjoyed it. Is there something else that people might find interesting to play? I was thinking about one of Lee Brimmicombe-Wood’s other games, like Downtown, although those are pretty crazy complicated. There is also Elusive Victory or Bloody April or Red Storm that are not by Lee but use his system and even copy his rulebook. I could even run a game like Panzer or MBT as a double blind.

Anyway, I really enjoy limited info games and would love to find something that would play well on the forum.

There is a lot about these games I like too. The last one I’ve really thought about was Red Storm. I didn’t see Bomber Command on the list there. I also have to actually sit down and play through MBT so that’s a good one for me personally as well.

For forum games I kept trying to think of things that were totally open information for the vassal uninclined and a way to everything on the forum itself. I’m happy to see that thinking the opposite direction looks like a great idea as well.

I remember umpiring a limited-info game of City Fight (SPI modern urban combat version of Firefight, sort of) back in like 1983 or something. It was a hoot, even if we did I think muck up the rules a bit.

Bomber Command is a game I played against @AleccMG and still haven’t written up for the site. But it’s close! So close!

If you need someone who doesn’t know what they are doing for one of the players, I’d be an excellent choice.

I’d lean to Red Storm or MBT. Just because those are the one’s in my collection I could then say I played. But, that’s the only reason I’d push for those so if there is a strong preference in any other direction I wouldn’t rail too hard against it.

Best kind of player – less likely to notice my rules mistakes :)

I could run either one of these.

I’ll likely miss the rules altogether.

Interesting concept

This reminds me I have Atlantic Chase. That one has a couple Bismarck scenarios. At least one operational and one mini battle scenario.

This does look pretty unique. I’m not super confident I’d enjoy it, but I’d be interested in hearing impressions.

Looking at the screenshots, it looks as if it’s a one-use type of game?

It’s a roll-and-write, so it comes with a pad of paper. Basically, you get several copies of that sheet.

There are a whole bunch of these on Amazon. When @Brooski showed me that, I found other wargaming roll-and-writes using the same format, mostly done by two guys. This Bismarck game was made by three guys who haven’t done anything else available on Amazon. But the other World War II roll-and-writes seem to be the done by one of two guys.

A fellow named Gary Graber has a ton of them, including this one about torpedo bombers that uses a deck of playing cards instead of dice:

Here’s a guy named Noah Patterson with an obligatory D-Day entry:

He’s also got a Battle of the Bulge roll-and-write, natch.

If someone else hasn’t bitten the bullet on some of these by year’s end, I’ll definitely investigate further when I have more time. I’m super intrigued by this concept.


Just FYI, Gary Graber has done a ton of solitaire games, some better than others, including the fantastic Barbarossa Campaign previously published by Victory Point Games. I have no idea whether his roll-and-writes are any good, though.

Not sure what up with the credits here: Grant Wylie and Mike Wylie are the guys behind Worthington Publishing. They also do The Player’s Aid.

Not sure why their names are listed like that.

Heh, a whole new world of game types I didn’t know existed 24 hours ago. Thanks for the info!

Some of those paperback versions are affordable enough that I’m tempted to give one a shot.