Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?


The font type/size looked the same, just the colour… are you referring to that? But yeah, both read/unread remained bold, which can be confusing.



Is it the color that changed? Or am I rapidly going blind?

I just know something is different and it’s either my eyes or the forum. I haven’t noticed it elsewhere and I don’t want to be blind so I’m assuming it’s the forum for my own sanity.

Edit: And that pic is a lot clearer than how it looks on my end.


I am sure you are fine… it is probably fine.


Edit: Giphy not working with the forums ruins so many jokes…

Edit2: Seriously, is there anyway to link stuff from giphy? It always just vanishes into the ether.

Found the original. Joke saved. And by saved, I mean not at all saved, but my dedication has prevailed.


I have the same issue - it seems something in the colors changed?


I am reasonably sure that the read topics used to be unbolded and the read topics were the only ones that were bolded (in addition to the colors generally being different). All of this varied by theme choice, of course, but I’ve been on the default white and blue theme on my desktops for awhile now.

@Clay or @stusser can you confirm my recollection of the previous style is correct, and if so, can we get the read titles un-bolded again? It does make things harder to perceive.


I believe that’s how it worked, yes. Question for @clay.


Hmm. I don’t remember but I’ll see if I can fix it sometime soon.


Goddamn people love posting screenshots of Unread view in this thread, which obviously wouldn’t include any read threads. I had to scroll back more than a year to find this example:

Compare to current view:

I feel like the latter is much less clear :(


It is easier to differentiate between read (grey) and unread (bright white) in a darker theme:



I’ll fix it soon - maybe tonight. I’ve been busy lately.


No worries man; you do all this shit free of charge as it is.


Is there a way to get Discourse to continue a search after a certain point in a thread? For example I was trying to search for “monk” in the Diablo III thread and could only get results up to 2011 before I couldn’t scroll for anymore search results. Am I doing something wrong or does Discourse search just suck?


The L-to-R swipe to go “back” in iOS 11 is slooooooow with Discourse.


Gotta give Discourse credit in the way it handles links to webpages and tweets! Fortuitously relevant with a Trump Presidency.

Now just i wish i could type a paragraph without it randomly skipping the cursor several lines up!


Yes that is a problem. Back button, totally fine, swipe, nightmarish 4 second delay.


It definitely is a noticeable change in iOS11.


Hmm, I think advanced search might be missing an “in this topic only” option. Only matters for megatopics, I guess.


I have a question about local storage and Discourse. What’s being stored here? Seems like a lot of data.


Why do all of my unread topics drop to zero randomly? It’s a bit annoying to have 50 or 60 unread topics suddenly disappear.