Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I’ve never had a quest-related bug either. Definitely GOTY material.


Likewise, no bugs for me and my GOTY so far.


My top 5 game of all time. And I’ve been gaming since pong.


Nope it’s clean as silk bugwise now. Those old reports are disgruntled people who either haven’t given up their old saves based on the super buggy code, and probably just don’t want to admit they didn’t start over. Granted you shouldn’t need to do that but the game was a mess upon release and for a fee months. But that is certainly not the case now.


wow, strong praise. i like that. looking forward to playing tonight.

#826 uploaded a talk from last year’s GDS done in english by Dan about the various failures and pitfalls of open world design, it is quite fun

The accent of the guy asking question at the end is flipping amazing…ly hilarious


Community guy posted on official forums about what Warhorse is up to in regards to sequel

WH focus still relies on Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its DLCs.

The whole team is working on it, but we also have already plans for KCD2, and Daniel is indeed not scouting for a map expansion for a DLC, but he is already thinking about where to go next.

Nothing is set in stone so far about the next KCD game, which will come out in a few of years from now, this is just a small task force of Warhorse members planing ahead as a side-task while the core of the team is working on DLCs and Bugfixes. There are no assets, no gameplay mechanics or anything existing of KCD2 yet, and nobody is working on it so far.

The full fledged development of KCD2 can start after the release of the last DLC A Womans lot and modding support for KCD. All DLCs are within the Story of KCD1, while KCD2 will show what will come after the end of KCD1.

So it is not completely true, that Kingdom Come 2 is “no topic at all” for Warhorse Studios, as we are indeed working on plans about it, thinking ahead, but the development in itself hasn´t been started yet. The team is still working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its DLCs.

From a perspective of communications, KCD2 doesn´t matter at all, there is nothing to talk about it yet than, yes, there will be a second part continuing with the story at some point in the far future.

For now, we are Working on the DLCs, Mod-Support and Bugfixes for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. That’s our focus.


Just picked this up since it’s on sale and I feel like I could love this game but so far I have truly hated the combat. I don’t love pick locking either which I know seems minor but I like to play thiefy characters. Can I actually enjoy this if I hate the combat or does it somehow improve as the game goes on? Part of the issue is I hate first person perspective melee combat.


Combat becomes awesome.


The combat gets better as Henry and you get better…make sure to visit captain Bernard to train


Yep, at the start it’s just a click-fest because you don’t have any skills. As you learn with Captain Bernard, it all starts to click and becomes so much more fun.


Appreciate the replies. I’ll stick with it and see how it goes… although I really hate first person melee combat. Hopefully bows are a viable path (that’s basically all I use in Elder Scrolls single player games).


Bows are trickier because of the lack of a crosshair on screen. I used a white board marker and just marked a cross to assist until I got the hang of it. Bows are definitely a viable route, especially on horseback where you can keep away from your target and keep wearing them down.


Yes, Bows are very tricky. Honestly, the sword combat in this game is the best I’ve played in any game.


You mean right here?


I get right at 60 fps there with settings on High (except ultra/HD textures and motion blur off). That seems good enough to me unless there are any particular settings I should try to crank up (or any that aren’t worth it). I looked at some tweak guides but I haven’t spent much time with it.

60 fps is fine for RPGs and stuff. I only really need 100 fps now for shooters and beat 'em ups. Those games usually target high framerate anyway. We’ll see how DMC5 does.


Yeah or standing on the hill looking down over the main street is where I always dropped frames on 2500K, only now with eightcore can I get 60 there.

You should be perfectly fine with hd textures being enabled, and some options at very high as well. Get Afterburner and check your GPU utilization, if it is below 100% you can crank some stuff up.


Looking at this again during sales. I hear GOTY thrown around a lot. However for me the ability to save at any time anywhere or frequent autosaves are a must have due to wife and baby. It looks like there are mods for saving. Can anyone advise if these work or if there are bugs / issues with those?


I just cannot get over the combat in this…


Kbm or pad? I played with a kbm and the combat really clickednonce I started treating my mouse as a pad stick for aiming the attacks in lock on mode.


Oh is a gamepad recommended for this?