Nintendo Switch


Engadget bases its info on something published by Nikkei, so I wouldn’t put much more credit than if it had been @YakAttack expressing a wish.


Total faith here! YakAttack is my Qt3 spirit poster.


I use my switch all the time and would probably buy a smaller one for more comfy commmutes. As long as I can seamlessly move between them.


I’m still holding out hope for a spec bumped version. I’d love a bigger 1080p screen with smaller bezel with a processor capable of driving it. Also better battery life. Also a pony.


Smaller bezels (with a correspondingly smaller overall size, not a larger screen), less weight, and better battery life would all be great improvements. The SoC inside is 2015 technology, so that is totally possible.

The Switch isn’t competitive on graphics and that’s OK. They should embrace what makes it special and focus on reducing cost of production and pricing.


I want no bezel and that extra space used to increase the size of the screen, though not resolution. I can barely read the text in D3. Which granted that particularly title leaves a lot of room for improvement just by fixing the UI to be more consolish, but I doubt they will ever bother. So, larger screen please.

The semi mobile form factor of the Switch is what I like, for 100% portability I have my phone.


Wonder how much smaller it can go and still run as well as OG Switch? Because I don’t think they would want a lower performance level at all.

Bet there will be a Switch mini dock sold separately, because the original dock wouldn’t work.


If they switched the err, Switch to the Tegra X2 SoC, they could either cut baseline power usage in half from 15w to 7.5w or increase performance by roughly 50%. The X2 is a 2016 part, 16nm process.

There is no real Tegra X3, as Xavier is designed for autonomic drive applications, but if they die-shrunk the X2 to 12nm that would allow for another large improvement in either power draw/heat or clockspeed.


That would makes sense. Interesting, a die shrunk chip but one clocking the same speed. It would run cooler, so maybe no fan needed? And maybe even better battery life as well.


Yes, that’s the typical tradeoff from a die shrink. You can either reduce power consumption or increase clockspeed, or a mix of the two.

And of course 12nm is 2017/18 technology, in 2019/20 7nm will ramp up. Right now it’s just Apple.


After just 2 months of fairly regular Diablo/Mario use I’m afraid my left joystick is starting to lag and not registering movement. Very disappointed.


I expect they will die shrink the current chip rather than moving to something else in nVidia’s portfolio. They’ll be able to fix the hardware exploit at the chip level at that time and improve battery life, allow for a smaller device, etc, all at once. A mobile only device will allow them to use chips that can’t run at the higher clock speeds required for docked mode, and they can save a lot of space by eliminating the removable controllers and “HD Rumble”. Will allow for a decent clamshell design with a real D-pad…


I think people who play mobile only are crazy, but I’m not sure if they are more or less crazy than the people who only play docked.


If you’ve calibrated and it still happens, call Nintendo and just get it fixed. Both of mine got drift disease.


I don’t see why they wouldn’t move to the X2. It’s already built at a smaller process and has other IPC improvements too, being built on Pascal rather than Maxwell.


What is going on here? I like the Switch.


Jeeeeesus, I seriously underestimated how great it would be to have Diablo III on the train ride to work. I’ve always liked Nintendo but I’m a PC gamer at heart so having this game in my backpack is just transformative. They should market it as a time travel/teleportation device. Like the phenomenon that gave our favorite forum its name! I’m legitimately bummed it’s the weekend and I won’t be able to commute with Diablo until Monday. Only downside is I reckon it’s a matter of weeks if not days before I miss my stop.


Yes, it works on planes as well, turning a 12 hour trip into something closer to 2.


This is why I love the Switch and feel the folks that say, “…but I’m not into Nintendo IPs” are totally missing the freaking point. I play a magnitude more of PC or indy titles than and any Nintendo stuff. Heck, a lot of it I already played on PC such as Diablo. The freedom of portable and docked play on the same saves with pause anywhere, any time is just amazing. It’s definitely not a Nintendo box.


Because it was on sale, my attention was brought to the Sega Ages version of Phantasy Star, a switch exclusive.
It’s amazing: the in-game docs is easily accessible and make navigating the game a blast without owning the physical manual, there is a nifty automap, and the “Ages” mode cut off all the grind out of the game while not making it too easy.
You can select what language and what version to play (obviously FM or PSG soundtracks, but even the original Katakana version or the fixed Hiranaga one), you can ask to double the walking speed — I am really looking forward to that in an eventual Phantasy Star 2 Sega Ages version.
Finally it features an animated gallery of the monsters.
It’s such a work of love, it is the best homage to that amazing game that was ever done. I don’t understand why it isn’t available more widely.

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