QT3 hobby desk thread

So it seems we have some new folks getting into hobby games and I know there are some folks out there who are already into that sort of thing. I thought I would create a thread for us to share our hobby projects and progress for these games. Feel free to post whatever you are working on. Assembling models, painting up the little fellas, building terrain, whatever is tickling your hobby fancy. It’s always fun to see what other people are working on.

I’ll start with what’s on my desk right now. All work on my Crimson Fist army at the moment (I need a break from Menoth white). The Termie Captain with the sword is waiting for a resized base as is the Termie Librarian (who needed a spot of green stuff for his arm too). The hooded guy is actually a Dark Angels Librarian I am converting over to be a Crimson Fist. Needed to scrape off the DA iconography and I am picking up some brass etch from Forge World at GenCon to add some Fister iconography to him and many other models.

The three tactical marines are in various stages of painting and the big guy on the right is probably the project I am most excited for. I decided to pick up a Forge World Alexis Polux to use as my Chapter Master (Pedro Kantor) and started assembling him tonight. Truly an amazing model, Forge World does not disappoint. :)

Looking forward to seeing what others are tinkering with. :)

Finished up this guy this morning. It’s off to lunch then an afternoon of painting. :)

This is an awesome idea for a thread. I’ve always loved miniatures but never got into painting them - though I have probably hundreds and hundreds of them myself, including stuff for games I still actively play (I’d love to paint all my Talisman minis!). Do show off the final product on that Space Marine dude there if you get the chance, please!

Is this thread limited to gaming minis? I do japanese mecha models myself.

Can’t speak for Merry but I’d say go for it Juan! I spent some time watching GiantWaffle on twitch building a Japanese Gundam model, it blew my mind that a model that large and intricate was entirely snap together. I’d love to see what you’re working on. Maybe this will get me inspired to work on some GW or Warmachine stuff. I just wish I had some local friends to play with!

Heck yeah Juan, post away. This thread is for any and all hobby nerdery. :)

Awesome! I have very little artistic ability but I love seeing this kind of stuff.

I have mad envy for people that can do this type of work. Miniature figures, model work, all of it. When I go to the gaming shop nearby, I gaze in awe at the display shelves filled with painted minis.

Here is some of my Warmachine stuff.

A Crimson Fist from my current projects. I think I might have posted it in another thread but I thought I would add it here. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do with the Crux Terminatus thingy, but in the end I am pretty happy with it.

This thread arrives at a good time for me. I spent a weekend earlier this month getting absolutely blown up in a Warmachine team tournament here in Massachusetts, and was ready to quit warmachine as I walked out of the building. After a few days of licking my wounds, and then scheming over which power caster I should switch to (ehaley double stormwall!), I have finally calmed down and plan to continue playing my sub-optimal trollblood lists.

Embarrassingly, my fellow teammates had beautiful, fully painted armies at the team tournament, while I had a rows and rows of bare metal and black primer. Even if I can’t win on a regular basis, I should be able to field a painted army. I’ll start with my warlocks, Grim Angus and Grissel Bloodsong, and I’ll post the results here. Thanks for the thread, Merry! Your models rock!

Remember Rob, it’s not whether you win or loose, it’s how good your army looks doing it. ;)

(Also it’s a proven fact that painted models roll better than naked ones)

Ok then, this is the first model I painted.



For scale purposes, it’s about 18cm tall.

I have a second model finished, but I’m waiting until I get my lightbox to take photos.

My next attempt will be a heavily weathered model. It’s already assembled and just waiting to start painting once I get a couple of free hours. tese take about 20-40 sessions of paint, so it’s several months of painting under decent circumstances, given my schedule.

I just started painting my first Warmachine model today. I spent three hours painting two colors on it. So I guess it turns out I’m a little bit of a perfectionist with my painting. At this rate, it’s going to take four months to paint my whole army :-P

okay you’re all coming over to my house for a paint party…errr… I mean to hang out.

I do uh, lighted sci-fi models and non-lit military models, does that count?

I spend 10-15 hours per model on the paint job, so I think your pace sounds good.

Saber, post any hobby work you do, it all ‘counts’.

That Gundam looks awesome! Nice work Juan, thanks for sharing.

Well, here’s a P47-D Thunderbolt and a uh, NCC-1701-D Galaxy class Enterprise that I’ve done. I need to get to picture taking. I have a Battlestar Galactica I really like…currently working on two more planes before I go for another starship.

That Enterprise looks great.

What are your tips for weathering?