Qt3 Movie Podcast: Top Ten Movies of 2023

We don’t actually know the top ten movies of 2023. But we can talk about our ten favorites! We’ll also tell you our most surprising, our most disappointing, our favorite little thingies, and our guesses at what movie Dingus would have picked. Get comfy, because it’s going to take us three and a half hours.

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And in case you just want to talk about our choices without listening to us talk for more than the running time of Oppenheimer, here are our picks, along with links to the relevant forum discussion threads!

Tom’s picks:

#10 There’s Something Wrong with the Children
#9. Santuary
#8. Cocaine Bear
#7. Reality
#6. They Cloned Tyrone
#5. The Holdovers
#4. R.M.N.
#3. Master Gardner
#2. Chile 1976
#1. When Evil Lurks

Most Surprising: The Killer
Most Disappointing: Priscilla
Favorite Little Thingie: Jody Foster’s doo-rag in Nyad
WWDP: The Holdovers

Kelly’s picks:

#10. The Holdovers
#9. Chile 1976
#8. Bottoms
#7. Saltburn
#6. Dream Scenario
#5. Oppenheimer
#4. When Evil Lurks
#3. Infinity Pool
#2. Beau Is Afraid
#1. Poor Things

Most Surprising: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Most Disappointing: Last Voyage of the Demeter
Favorite Little Thingie: sex scene in Beau Is Afraid
WWDP: Fremont

You don’t have to listen to us talk for three and half hours if you just want to talk about our lists and add your own! Feel free to chime in with your own opinions, take us to task for ours, and especially to let us know your top tens and most surprising/disappointing/favorite little thingies.

I have seen exactly one of the movies on either list. Looks like I have some watching to do! Maybe I’ll see Poor Things this weekend, though I don’t know why I’m doing that to myself since I think I hate Yorgos Lanthimos films?

This one left my favorite aftertaste (although I haven’t seen Dogtooth).

A bunch of great picks but Barbie wuz robbed!

I really need to see The Holdovers and Dream Scenario.

Re: next podcast: Do a Beekeeper opsis, then the rest of the podcast about a different film. Crucially do not discuss the transition in the podcast or segue at all.

That thought had occurred…

What a nice surprise! I definitely wanna hear you guys talk about it for three hours.

I completely missed that you did one for Godzilla. That’s two nice surprises!

I was also hugely surprised by Honor Among Thieves. I had the lowest expectations for it, but it was such a good romp, even though that word should never be used by anyone ever.

I wish I could hear a Bopsis is Afropsis.

Thopsis Clopsised Tyropsis.

A bunch of great picks but Past Lives wuz robbed!

For completionist’s sake, is there any chance of getting your list of top movies from 2022, if you by chance made one even without podcasting about it? They have been such a nice way of leading me to movies I have never seen before in the past.

100% agree. Definitely the best thing I saw last year.

Okay, I’ll dig up my '22 list. Gonna be hard for me to match anything like Tom’s Eternals.

And I’ll watch Past Lives this weekend and attach an affidavit as needed. I saw “Romance” as one of its tags and got skittish, unlike when I saw it as a tag for Infinity Pool. And Poor Things. And Christine.

But have you seen Romance? Now that would pair well with Poor Things.

Really good year for movies after a few down ones. Here’s where I’m at after @charmtrap threw a wrench in my list by playing the Showing Up card in the 2020 game, and making me watch it.

  1. Poor Things
  2. Showing Up
  3. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.
    Kelly Fremon Craig knocks it out of the park again after The Edge of Seventeen.
  4. Revoir Paris
    Humane. Virginie Efira reckons with a tragedy.
  5. All of Us Strangers
    Beautiful ghosts.
  6. Other People’s Children
    Virginie Efira ages.
  7. Past Lives
    Of Time and the Ocean.
  8. The Five Devils
    You may be done with the past, but the past isn’t done with you.
  9. Emily
  10. Rye Lane
    Cute, innit?

Honorable Mentions: Anatomy of a Fall, Barbie, The Holdovers, May December

Frenchest thing to steal in a heist: caviar (L’Innocent)
Cutest place to hide caviar: penguin exhibit at a zoo (L’Innocent)
Star Trek Presents the NOICE Moment of the Year: Detective Hoffman shows up in mid-credits scene (Saw X)

Finally, for the most part I’m not a TV person–and it doesn’t count–but Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone, and the Safdies created something special with The Curse. The final episode is still rattling around my brain.

I missed you guys so badly, not gonna lie i got a little choked up when i saw you podcasting again.

Thank you so much for doing this, also enjoyed Kellys synopsis for G-1 immensely. Wish that Tom has seen it prepared by a Toho Godzilla fan like me. The movie is so much better when watched understanding how its so very japanese for a japan audience and all the cultural intricacies that come with it.

In regards to this one, you both gave me a ton of movies to watch.

Im so happy your back and i hope you keep going!

Kelly, please watch They cloned Tyrone, actually you should do an episode on it.

So funny btw. that Tom seems to have missed that John Boyega is Tyrone, hadn’t mentioned him by name at all. XD


Thank you for bringing that up, since it’s something I had planned to mention when talking about Fontaine and crew, but I got sidetracked! My point was going to be that I had no idea it was Boyega until the credits rolled. You could have knocked me over with a feather! He was absolutely bad ass in They Cloned Tyrone, and I can see now how the Star Wars movies were a complete waste of his talent. As I mentioned on the podcast, as Fontaine, he just oozed charisma and competence. I had no idea I was a John Boyega fanboi. I guess I need to see The Circle now?

Amazing lists! Put me down for a Beekeeper opsis followed by a discussion of Poor Things. Or a Poor Things opsis where all the male characters have Jason Stratham voices.