The KindDingus Thread

Hello, everyone! Some of you reading this may be new to the QT3 community (more on that a bit later) and I want to welcome you. Stay a while, read the encouraging stories gathered here. And if you feel moved, register an account and tell us your own story! We’d love to get to know you.

In December 2019, P. Christien Murawski (aka @ChristienMurawski, aka Dingus) passed away. We of QT3 had the good fortune to know him since 2004, near the very beginning of the community. Many others knew him for much longer, in the physical world, and/or much more deeply. As you got to know Christien, it wouldn’t be long before you’d notice that he cared deeply about everyone in his life, whether close friend or mere passing stranger. You’d also find evidence of his thoughtfulness everywhere, and his appreciation of the same in others. Let me give you a few examples:

  • “I really want this card to get to this person. She needs it. Sometimes people just need to get something in the mail randomly and you can tell.” Christien wrote that, back in 2018. He loved to send postcards for most any reason, but in this case it was a special instance of help for a friend who needed a good word. He needed a little help of his own in that story, too, from a tired post office employee who nonetheless took the time to help him fix a postage mistake to ensure that the card made it to the destination.

  • “I say ‘we’, but it’s really all Christien’s doing. He’s been amazing about doing what he can to keep me well fed.” That was Tom, in 2014, talking about one of the ways Christien helped out during his cancer treatments.

  • “Sometimes I marvel at how awesome people are. I complain so often about the jerks. But then you meet people like Elaine and Al. And John. And you realize…damn…people are pretty f-ing great.” Christien wrote that, too, in 2015. He was struggling to move a heavy desk. A man stopped to help him get it across an intersection. Then a woman and her husband came out to help him get it up the street. Perfect strangers, taking a moment to help someone with their struggles.

  • “I saved the nice hand written thank you note that Christien sent to me after secret Santa a few years back. It was such a nice thing to do and is now a physical reminder of what I associate with him: a thoughtful, personal, caring touch in an increasingly thoughtless, impersonal, uncaring world. We need more people like him.” That’s from Matt aka @arrendek.

And I agree with Matt there - we do need more people like Christien. So why not be those people? I’d like to encourage everyone to emulate those aspects of Christien’s life, by doing thoughtful, empathetic, kind things in your own everyday lives. For anyone, whether close friend or perfect stranger. Write a encouraging note to a friend or family member. Bake some cookies and share with a neighbor. Leave an extra $20 at the coffee shop to pay for the next order in line. Bring your partner a gift, no special occasion required. Opportunities abound to be that thoughtful person who touches someone else’s life.

This is a card I designed to be left with a recipient of an act of kindness. (I’ll have a bunch with me at the memorial to hand out, and of course anyone is welcome to print their own.) Slip it in with a note or gift, or even leave it anonymously for a stranger. Carrying a few of these around is a good way to encourage and remind us to take the plunge and act. Feel free to share the story here! It also encourages the recipient to come here, to the QT3 community, via the URL/QR code that links to this very thread (or will shortly). I hope everyone who finds their way here is encouraged by the stories and discussion.

From Adam aka @krazykrok shortly after Christien passed. This is one small concrete way that we can all aspire to Christien’s spirit, and keep his memory with us.

This is lovely, and I think Christien would really be pleased that he inspired this.

This is great, man.

You are definitely someone who exemplifies the spirit of Christien, @ineffablebob. Well done.

Thanks for doing this @ineffablebob it’s a lovely idea. When in doubt #dingusitforward !

Thanks for bringing those cards to the memorial. I’ll keep one in my pocket to keep reminding me to just get out there and do nice things for people. There’s no reason we can’t help make the world a better place, even if it’s only a little at a time.